Environmental impacts of offshore wind developments; elasmobranch ecology and physiology; bycatch mitigation


Department of Environmental Conservation University of Massachusetts Amherst, Massachusetts
Living Marine Resource Science and Management, Intercampus Marine Science Graduate Program Fellow
NSF Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) Fellow, Offshore Wind Energy
Social media manager: @IGERTwind

Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
Concentration: Coastal Environmental Management
Master’s Project: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Marine No-Take Reserves in St. Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles
Coastal Environmental Management Representative 2007-2008
Certificate in Geospatial Analysis (GIS)

BACHELOR OF ARTS, Honors, May 2005
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York
Major: Environmental Studies, Concentrations: Geology and Geography
Honors: Distinguished thesis, Departmental and University Honors
Study Abroad: School for Field Studies, Center for Marine Studies, Turks and Caicos


VISITING RESEARCH SCIENTIST, Cape Eleuthera Institute and The Island School, Eleuthera, The Bahamas
Conducted experiments on the electrosensitivity of yellow rays and juvenile lemon sharks. This project was used to teach a semester-long class in Applied Scientific Research at the Island School for high school students. Students were taught scientific reading, writing, design, and communication.

ASSISTANT SCIENTIST, Consortium for Wildlife Bycatch Reduction, New England Aquarium, Boston
Researcher in a collaborative group of scientists, fishermen, and engineers working to find practical solutions to reduce endangered and protected species bycatch in fisheries. Organized and contributed research to local and international workshops on marine mammal bycatch mitigation. Generated and updated the content for, which won the Katarva Award in 2013, and developed the social media (@bycatchorg) strategy to network with organizations and individuals interested in bycatch and mitigation techniques. September 2010 – March 2014

PROJECT COORDINATOR, Duke University Marine Lab, Beaufort, NC
Member of a team from Duke University, the Nicholas Institute, and the Meridian Institute working to build understanding and support for Coastal Marine Spatial Planning among industry, environmental, and government stakeholders. Collected, summarized, and disseminated data and reports, maintained liaisons with project participants, and established a communication system to coordinate aspects of the project. Fall 2009 – Fall 2010

RESEARCH TECHNICIAN, Duke University Marine Lab, Beaufort, NC
Worked closely with principal investigators to refine a National Science Foundation grant proposal on ecological shifts related to North Carolina biofouling communities. Interviewed experts and reviewed literature to develop a database of contemporary and historical biofouling data. Summer 2009

RESEARCH SCIENTIST, STENAPA, St. Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles
Designed and implemented long-term monitoring program to assess the effectiveness of the St. Eustatius Marine Park. Trained researchers and carried out surveys of reef fish, conch, and lobster populations and substrate for the National Marine Park using underwater visual census methods. Statistically analyzed fish diversity, density and biomass based on reserve status and habitat characteristics. Presented data to stakeholder groups and made recommendations for continued monitoring and adaptive management practices. Summer 2008

SEA TURTLE RESEARCHER, Conservancy of Southwest Florida, Naples, FL
Researcher on a 20 year + project documenting loggerhead nesting trends. Worked as part of a team conducting night surveys for nesting turtles and took measurements, genetic samples, and applied PIT and external tags. Evaluated hatchling success rates and embryo stages. Summer 2007RESEARCH INTERN, School for Field Studies, South Caicos Island
Acted as the principal investigator for a marine turtle tag-recapture project and an assistant on a juvenile lemon shark tag-recapture project. Developed and executed a research project assessing the relationship between reef fish abundance and coral health inside Marine Protected Areas. Taught reef fish, coral, seagrass, algae, and invertebrate field identification classes for college students. 2006

INSTRUCTOR, NATSCI191/CNS57: Shark Week: Conservation, Science, Sensationalism
College of Natural Sciences Teaching Fellowship, Fall 2017

TEACHING ASSISTANT, GEOGRAPH102: Diversity, Globalization, and Sustainability: Introduction to Human Geography, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Spring 2017

TEACHING ASSISTANT, NRC 490S: Sustainable Systems: Evaluating Local Solutions, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Fall 2016

VISITING RESEARCHER, Research Science, Island School, Cape Eleuthera. Fall 2014


Rudd Mayer Fellowship, Women of Wind Energy WINDPOWER 2017
American Fisheries Society, student member
E3 Committee, New England Aquarium, 2013-2014
GRANTS: SIDG-Lazar Fund, Environmental Internship Fund, KLN Fund, and Mellon Fund recipient for summer research

VOLUNTEER, Surfrider Massachusetts, 2017
VOLUNTEER, North Carolina Aquarium, Pine Knoll Shores, Fall 2009
VOLUNTEER, 28th International Sea Turtle Symposium, Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico, January 2008
Logged over 200 dives, 120+ research related. Led groups of 6-8 college students on recreational and research dives in South Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands.